Wingin’ It

So here it is, in its full shining glory! The first entry to my newest endeavor…blogging. The ending of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 has been a major source of creativity for me. From DIY pallet furniture, to selling things on Etsy, to painting and video editing and now this. Being artsy never did any harm to anyone. I believe its good for the soul and for the brain to be able to design and make something on your own. To be able to bring the things you create in your mind to life, is truly rewarding. It’s nice to have some sort of creative outlet. It’s rather relaxing for me. {except for when whatever I’m working on isn’t coming out the way I want it to and then I turn into a high anxiety cussing stress ball who spits out fire} but lets just over look that.

As I travel down this path of creativity, I have no choice but to bring my boyfriend along for the ride. I would use the word “drag” but he voluntarily wants to tag along. Doesn’t having an accomplice in any adventure make it that much more fun?  “Uh oh, what are you thinking of now?” is a question that he always asks every time he sees me deep in thought staring at a wall or a piece of furniture in our house. I’ve yet to come up with something that he’s declined to take part of. Don’t get me wrong, there are times that he does some stuff that just leaves me with a confused look on my face. Let me preface this by letting you know our trash can is out in the open in the dining room which is not that big. SO…the other day he decided it was a good idea to buy a second trash can to place next to the trash can we already have so we wouldn’t have to empty the first one out as much. I walk in the house and the first thing I see if two DIFFERENT colored trash cans side by side, taking up our already limited amount of space, and one didn’t even have a bag in it. I stared at it for a couple of seconds, scratched my head and then I had the second trash can removed. True story. Besides instances where he wants to play interior decorator, I’ve come to realize there’s a very artsy soul inside that 6’1″ beer drinking body.


I’ve never  been much of a writer, in fact I absolutely hated any kind of writing activities in school. Well that’s a lie…I was really good at writing notes. No, not notes you write while the teacher lectures but notes you write to your friends about how totally awesome their outfit is and how you can’t believe Billy asked Rachel to the dance instead of asking Kelly. Then you would fold it up into those little triangles and use different colored gel pens to decorate the outside. Good times. I say I hated writing but the writing part of my SAT is where I scored the highest. Who would of thunk? And now here I am 9 years later, writing for fun. #ironic. {wow…now I’m sitting here thinking about how my 10 year high school reunion is this year. OMG! Where has the time gone!?} BRB…gonna go check the archives…


2007 | Senior Year Football Season

{still in shock about high school reunion}

I’ll end this blog by stating that I have absolutely no idea who is going to read this and I have no idea what my future blogs will be about, but I’m here, so I’m just going to wing it. Like my eyeliner. My life is far from extravagant and reality TV worthy but I have a beautiful daughter, a supportive boyfriend, a crazy family and amazing friends. I really couldn’t ask for much more than that. Well, an all inclusive 2 week vacation to the Maldives would be nice. But I won’t hold my breath for that. I’m not here to preach about how perfect life is because it’s not. Life sucks sometimes, and that’s ok to admit. Some days are going to be so bad that the only remedy is to become besties with that bottle of whiskey that’s been in your pantry. No judging here!  So join me on this journey as I live my life with my crew by my side, partaking in adventures, road trips, and everything fun.

I’m just a mom with a camera in one hand and a glass bottle of wine in the other.



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