DIY | Cinder Block Planter

Below i will show you how to make a cinder block succulent planter. With $80 and a days work you can have a unique beautiful colorful addition to your home.

Supplies: 16 X 8 ($1.50 each) and 8 X 8 (1.25 each) cinder blocks (quantity will depend on how big you want your planter to be), variety of succulents ($2.50-$6 each. This will be about half of the cost of your entire project), 2 bags cactus soil ($5 each), 1 bag ferlite ($5), landscape fabric ($5), liquid nails ($2), caulking gun ($3), tape and scissors (I’m sure everyone has these at home) and paint (we got ours sample size for 50 cents at home depot)


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