2 Years Down

What a coincidence that my 2nd blog has the number 2 in it. We are also in the 2nd month of the year and would you believe me if I said it’s currently 2 o’clock? And what if I told you that my 2 year anniversary is 2 days away!? Would that be too much? Ok I’ll stop. So it’s really 3 pm and my 2 year anniversary is actually 9 days away…

9 days until my boyfriend gets to celebrate the fact that he’s been stuck with me for 730 days! Whooo pop bottles! Rent a limo! VIP at the club! It’s a celebration! Just kidding guys, I know it’s not THAT exciting, but dang 2 years. 2 years too many! Ha sorry I couldn’t help it. (I just drank a coke and I think the caffeine is kicking in) So yeah, its been 2 years since we made it “official”    ♥March 1, 2015♥    That actually isn’t even the real day. We had absolutely no idea when we became an official couple, so we just picked a day that sounded good. So romantical right? Now that I think about it, I wish we would have picked a day further away from Valentines. An anniversary of March 1 is barely giving my Valentines flowers time to die. Is it too late to change it?  What I do remember though is that we were in his car driving to his place and he was talking about work and he said something along the lines of “Well, I already call you my girlfriend at work” annnd that was it. Those 9 spoken words sealed the deal.

-Our first pic together @ ACL 10.5.2015-

{We had only known each other for like a month in that pic but I’ll save the how we met and everything leading up to 3.1.2015 for another time}

I’m not going to lie…having the title of ‘girlfriend’ both made me happy and freaked me out. My 3 year single streak was dead. Kicked to the curb. Put in a box and thrown into the ocean to drown. Starting a new relationship was so intimidating to me. My last serious relationship was 10 years long, and now here I was starting completely over. I was now going to have to make it a point to shave my legs more than once a week, and I could no longer let my dirty dishes sit in the sink for more than a couple of days. Let me not forget the little pep talks I would give Alexa before he came over about how if she was exxxtra good, mommy would buy her a new toy. I had to impress my new boyfriend so there I was on Pinterest looking up recipes to cook for him and oh my god…I don’t cook! I remember one of the first times I had him over for dinner I decided to make beef enchiladas. There I was in my kitchen cooking meat and heating up the sauce and throwing tortillas into the sauce pan and burning myself trying to take them out. The tortillas would then break when I was trying to roll them up and I was sweating and running out of time and I had no wine to drink and it was a mess. He ate everything on his plate but I think he was just being nice.

But as it turns out, this relationship was just what I needed, at just the right time. Everyday I’m more and more grateful for this relationship that I’m in. I’m fortunate to have found someone who accepts my daughter and myself for the pain in the ass that we can both be.


  We’ve fought over serious issues and argued over irrelevant things like light bulbs. That argument might have been started by me. Oops. He’s washed my throw up off the driveway and I’ve undressed him and put him to bed. Yes, some alcohol might have been involved in both of those incidents. I am constantly annoying him by poking his ribs and armpits, and I’m notorious for  jumping out and scaring him as soon as he walks in the door. He’s constantly having to deal with my smart ass mouth and in exchange I’m constantly having to pick up his used paper towels from behind the trash can. He was clearly not a basketball star back in school. When he washes the towels he leaves them in a pile on the bed for me to fold because let’s be honest…what guy can fold a towel as perfectly as a girl? I’ve tried to teach him multiple times, but I think he likes “not knowing how”. Ignorance is bliss right?

-Clearly not a woman’s work-

I remember when we first moved in together, I would get up for work at 6:30am and he would still be in bed, so before I would turn the lights on in the room I would be like “babe, I’m going to turn the lights on” that way he could cover his cover his eyes. Now when I get up BAM! the lights go on full blast with no warning. Aint nobody got time for warnings anymore. Oh the greatness of getting comfortable in a relationship. P.S. he hates that I do that…especially because we have recessed lighting and one light points straight down on his face. To make it worse, I just changed the light bulbs in our room so they’re extra bright. (No, these light bulbs aren’t the ones I started an argument about)

So cheers to 2 years and cheers to many more! There’s no other persons clothes I’d rather have piled up on our dresser than his.





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