DIY | Hanging Planter

Here’s a little colorful DIY for all you awesome people with a green thumb…or black thumb…or a color in between. Below I’ll show you how to make a macramé inspired hanging planter. The wonderful thing about these is that there is no certain or specific way that they should look. At some point I want to take the time to learn different knots and macramé styles to be able to make more elaborate hangers, but for now I’ll just be basic and use the good ole square knot. Nothing wrong with being basic at times.

Supplies: Plant ($5), Pot ($2), Red Heart Strata Yarn ($5), Beads ($3) and a Metal Ring ($3 for pack of 2)…scissors, bobby pins and measuring tape I had at home. I bought everything except for the plant at Joann’s Fabric.

From one roll of yarn you are able to make about 3-4 hangers, depending on the length that you make them. The bag of beads should also last for 3-4 hangers as well.


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