WOW! I cannot believe that its been almost a month since I’ve posted a blog and OVER a month since I’ve posted a weekend vlog on YouTube. How do we make this thing called life slow down a bit? Everyday is just flashing before my eyes, inching me closer and closer to that big 2-8. I’ll save the b-day talk for another time. I don’t feel like getting depressed about my age right now. So! What have I been doing for the past 30+ days?! Answer choices are A) absolutely nothing B) way too much to be able to have time to record/write about anything C) recovering from breaking all 10 fingers D) Living without electricity. The correct answer is B. I have been living the life of a mini wannabe Martha Stewart (minus the prison stent) and I have myself involved in way too many “projects”. It was just last week when I was doing some adjustments on the DIY section of my blog that I realized how long it had been, and then not even an hour later, Phuong text me asking me when the next blog was going up. I swear she lives in my head sometimes. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been best friends with someone for 10 years.

One of the first pics Phuong and I took together our freshman year at UTSA. We went from random roomies to besties.


Right now I am currently in the middle of upholstering a headboard, making plans for night stands, fulfilling 4 Etsy orders, looking for/selling a dresser, propagating succulents, raising a 6 year old, preparing for a garage sale, searching for materials for an upcoming DIY and trying to stay alive. Oh, let me not forget about the 2 pieces of furniture I have in my dining room that I need to put together, paint and sell AND the mid-century wooden chest in my garage that’s a month long project in itself. Somewhere in between all that I also have to eat, sleep and acknowledge my boyfriend. And in order for me to fund all of these projects I guess I need to go to work as well. So yeah, I’m a little too wrapped in things right now and its all my own fault. This brain of mine has gone off the deep end and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be coming back anytime soon. Mat literally cringes every time I say “so I’ve been thinking…”. That sentence always ends with an idea that needs time, money and work, work, work, work, work. If you didn’t sing that in Rihanna’s voice then we can’t be friends.

DSC_1088_edited_editedForgot to mention…we got a HUGE mirror that we don’t know what to do with so for now its chillin in the garage…perfect spot for selfies

After spending many hours on Pinterest, I got the idea to redecorate our blah and boring bedroom. Blah and boring is exactly how Mat likes it, but I don’t do so well with blandness. I need some COLOR and POP and EXCITEMENT in my life! The first step in the redecoration process was getting a REAL bed. When we moved in together I had put away my bed in our third bedroom because he’s apparently too long for a queen bed with a footboard, so we agreed to use his king sized “bed”. I put that in quotations because what he considered a bed was an overpriced mattress on top of two box springs on the floor. Getting out of bed every morning basically consisted of me just rolling off the mattress onto the floor. I might be exaggerating a little, but I’m trying to make a point. The bed frame I wanted was super simple and basic so Mat put his big pants on and made one. With some trial and error, we finally got the new bed to the perfect height. I then got new bedding and an awesome Land of Nod rug. A new bed of course then needs a new headboard. Thanks to almighty Pinterest (again), I figured we could reupholster one. I mean the videos make it look soooo easy. How hard can it be? I’ll let you know once I actually get to the reupholstering step. I’m still on the prowl for the perfect yellow fabric that I can’t seem to find anywhere. I envision this beautiful yellow velvet tufted headboard in my head but for now our plain beige colored wall will have to do.

The headboard doesn’t look like much now but just wait…


Next, are the night stands. Sticking to that mid-century look, I found some legit night stands at West Elm but they are almost $300 each. If I was to buy even just one, Mat would have a heart attack and die and then come back from the dead just to have another heart attack to show me how much he disapproved. So what do you do when you can’t buy something? You make it! We apparently don’t think working 40 hours a week is enough for us so we like to sign ourselves up for a little extra. Little did we know the damn hairpin legs we want are crazy expensive, so the search for legs continues. PS if anyone knows someone who welds, send them my way! And finally comes our big dresser that Mat uses (I have my own). Before I got the idea to redo our bedroom, he spent an entire day sanding it down from a cherry wood color and stained it black with blue drawers. It’s a perfect dresser for a shabby chic room but it just doesn’t fit in with the mid-century/eclectic look I’m going for. I put it up for sell and got an offer about a week later. Everything was ready to go with the buyer and then last minute Mat got cold feet and didn’t want to sell it anymore. I think all that work he put into it got him a little attached to the piece. He claims it’s because we didn’t have a new dresser to replace it with so all of his clothes would have gone on the floor until a new one was bought. That really didn’t make sense to me since he throws his clothes onto the floor anyways, but whatever. I let him win this one, so against my wishes and wants, we ended up keeping the dresser. It’s going back up for sale though sometime soon…just without Mat knowing. Shhhhh.

Attack of the jelly fish. Keep the orders coming people!


As far as the Etsy orders go let me give you a little background. I sell hand-made jelly fish made out of paper lanterns. I originally made some for Alexa’s birthday party back in October and I put them up for sell on Etsy just to be dumb, but within a couple of days someone actually bought them. I was totally shocked and surprised, so I had to send them the ones I had made for the party and then scramble to make more. Each order comes with 3 jelly fish in whatever size and color the buyer is wanting. I currently have 4 open orders that all need to be completed and shipped by the end of this week. Now let’s do some simple math…4 orders multiplied by 3 jelly fish in each order equals 12 jelly fish. That’s 12 jelly fish that need to be made within a weeks time because, of course, I promised these customers that I could have their orders shipped out by a certain date. Ah kill me, actually no, that’s not even necessary because I’m slowly drowning myself. 5 months have passed and I’m averaging 2 orders per month. People do have a funny way though of placing orders when I’m busy with 100 other things but that’s alright…I shouldn’t complain. Well, I do complain at times but then once I see that extra cash flow I shut up.

As for the furniture I need to make and paint and the mid-century piece we need to refurbish, well y’all will just have to stay tuned for that. I can’t give away all my projects right now because then what am I going to have to talk to y’all about later? Politics? Don’t think so. Recipes? Ha! That’s an even harder NO! By the time I post this I will already have gotten the garage sale over with and hopefully made a good amount of money from it. Money that will most likely go into our room and any other DIY I can think

UPDATE: it is now Monday and over the weekend we added 2 new furniture projects to our to do list. Yes, I know, we’ve completely lost our minds, but mid century furniture is a hot commodity right now so we couldn’t pass up a good deal!



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