DIY|Tie-Dye Shoes

It is now April in San Antonio which could only mean one thing…FIESTAAA! The countdown begins for chicken on a stick, live music, parades, beer, confetti eggs, colorful fiesta outfits and, of course, flower headbands. Do you have your colorful outfit picked out but don’t know what shoes to wear? Sure, you could pick wedges but lets be real…wedges on grass, dirt, or uneven sidewalks may not end so well. So why not go with something way more comfortable and convenient. “Which is what?” you may ask…well let me tell you…tie-dye shoes! Not only are they super colorful but they’re a perfect DIY for you to do with your kids. What could be cuter than attending a fiesta event with matching tie-dye shoes with your mini me? My daughter and I made some and she absolutely loved it. Your child gets to be creative and then they get to wear their creation at the end…double win!! And let me add, you can do it for practically $10.


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