Birthday Blues

Let me start off by saying that I am 27 days late posting this, but I’ve been a busy, busy bee this month. Well, I’ve been busy half the month…the other half I’ve just been lazy. No shame in my game. Sometimes when I get home I feel like doing absolutely nothing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There were a lot of things going on this month, the most important of course, my birthday! Not only is May the host to my wonderful day of birth but it’s Mat and Phuong’s month as well. Then there’s my aunt Sarah’s birthday which I’ll get to in a bit.  We also have to celebrate mothers day and all of Alexa’s end of school activities. In between all that I have to continue to make the jelly fish that I sell on Etsy. Click here to buy We are also in a HUGE transition at work which has been rather crazy/stressful causing me to work late some days…therefore causing me to have a glass of wine when I get home…therefore causing me to not want to do anything else that evening…therefore I have not posted this, and we’ve made it full circle.

Alexa’s field day
Mothers day lunch at Mamacita’s

I’ll begin with my birthday. It came, conquered and has now disappeared for another 365 days. This year I had the pleasure of turning the big TWO-EIGHT. I have lived this crazy life of mine for a solid 28 years. Simple math leaves me realizing that I am only 2 years away from my dirty thirties. How do I make it stop?! How do I go back to being 25?! How do I make this wrinkle on my forehead go away?! My birfday started out like any other day, I argued with Alexa in the morning because of her sloth like tendencies when she’s getting ready for school and then I went to work. Throughout the work day I received presents, free breakfast and free lunch #lolwhatdiet. Once the clock struck 5, I burned tire out of the parking lot and went home. I walked into the house to Mat, my mom and Alexa wishing me a happy birthday and balloons and presents on the dining room table. They then told me that we had dinner reservations at Chart House in the Tower of the Americas. Mat reserved a table by the window so that we could rotate and see the entire city and watch the sunset while we ate. It was perfect. A girl could get used to presents and dinner reservations all the time.


On the 15th Mat celebrated his 35th birthday, and he took it like a champ. Alexa and I bought him a cake and sparkler candles to celebrate. We were going to put 35 candles on the cake, but we quickly realized that the cake wasnt big enough. Since the candles were sparklers they started crackling super loud and Alexa got scared so she blew them all out because she said she thought they were going to start a fire. [insert 5 crying laughing face emojis] 35 has never looked so good on someone. He has good genes though and doesn’t look a day over 27 (25 if you ask him). The other day we were having lunch and ordered a margarita and when the waiter looked at his ID and saw what year he was born he literally said “No way!” I was like chill out dude, you’re just going to give him a big head. Mat has no problem with the sparse grey hairs on the sides of his head. I, on the other hand, found a devil hair a while back and I freaked. I actually found TWO! Is it a coincidence that  I have TWO grey hairs and that Mat and I have been together for TWO years? Uh, I think not!

In addition to our birthdays we also had the joy of celebrating Phuong’s birthday. She also turned 28 and went on a 3 day celebration in Austin. We had the pleasure of celebrating with her Saturday night at Rose Room at the domain in ATX. We started the night out at Kung Fu and then walked across the street to the Rose Room where we had our own area sectioned off. Right after we got there we received bottle service. A girl brought out the first bottle with sparklers coming out of it and did a little dance in front of us until they burned out. She then poured our drinks and the rest is history. I remember a lot of dancing and  a lot of saying “whoooooo!” Anyone who watched my stories on IG, I highly apologize. I have the loudest most annoying voice when I’m drunk. Ask Mat and he’ll tell you that I have the same loud annoying voice when I’m sober. Ahahaha I can’t help it!

3 Gemini musketeers
A Taurus and a Gemini walk into a bar…

And last but not least there’s my Aunt Sarah’s birthday. This is the birthday party that I’m most excited about because my uncle always throws big parties for her. Last year the theme for her birthday party was ho-down. Everyone dressed up like cowboys/cowgirls and he hired a band and rented a mechanical bull. Yes, you read that right. Everybody was taking turns on that thing trying to out do the person before them. It ended up raining that night so we all had to move under his car port, even the band. It rained so hard that the water starting pouring in through some holes that were on the roof of the car port. We were all stuck under there, soaking wet. After the rain didn’t let up we decided that it was time for us to go home so we left. The next day my mom called me and said that by the time the band had finished packing up all their equipment, it had flooded so they were stuck there. It flooded so much that they called for an evacuation of my uncles neighborhood. My mom said they spent most of the next morning picking up chairs and tables that the flood water had washed down the street. This year instead of the bull, he rented a dunking booth. He hired the same band since they still owed him time for not playing their full set last year and I made her a Trump piñata filled with candy and mini liquor bottles. This birthday should be one for the books. (and it was!!)

It’s best you don’t ask what game they are playing in these pics. That’s my mom, family friend, aunt and uncle. I have a loud crazy family…thats where i get it from.

So in conclusion…ha does that make me sound smart? No? Ok never mind. So yeah, May was filled with too many birthdays and too much fun. In between all those birthdays I got to celebrate Alexa graduating Kinder!!! She did a little photo shoot with a cap and gown and she looked adorable!! I can’t believe my little baby is growing up…and I can’t believe I’m almost 30. WAH!




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