This will be an eclectic place full of personal entries, DIYs, adult beverages, pictures, sarcasm and maybe a cat or two. Something you will probably never see on here is recipes. Let’s just say that cooking is not my strong point. I’m more of a throw a pizza in the oven at 425 degrees and stare at it for 25 minutes until its ready. I will then proceed to take it out of the oven, probably burn myself in the process, and put it on the counter. My next step will be to cut it into uneven slices, put it on a plate and then be way too impatient to let it cool down, so I will end up burning the roof of my mouth. Not once, but twice. So, yeah…I’ll stick to “How to make a Mimosa” {98% champagne and 2% orange juice…duh!} 

My name is Ashli and I’m an adventure chasing, wine drinking, shopping loving, loud laughing, DIY doing mom. I’m also a food burning, closet overtaking, holiday décor hoarding, nail biting, attention needing girlfriend. But most importantly, I’m a daughter with dimples. Thank you grandma and mom for these dimples that could be used as cereal bowls. Preferably for lucky charms but coco puffs will do as well. Or fruity pebbles if you ask my 6 year old.

Now, more about her….

Alexa: my one dimpled daughter. I’m still hoping that the other one comes in as she gets older. {fingers crossed} She’s a loud ball of energy who sings and dances everywhere she goes. She’s an expert at knock knocks jokes and an even better fake crier. She talks…and talks…and talks. Oh by the way did I mention that she likes to talk? There’s never a dull moment with her. She’s my greatest accomplishment and the light of my life…even on those early school mornings  (before I’ve had my 3 cups of coffee) when she insists on wearing shorts when its 40 degrees out and refuses to brush her hair.

A little background as to why I’m doing what I’m doing. I often catch myself sitting around at home, phone in hand, constantly refreshing different social media sites…borrrring!  When Alexa is preoccupied with her barbies or out with her dad, and Mat is busy being a carpenter in the garage, I unfortunately immediately turn to my phone to entertain me. I’m not much of a TV watcher and our house isn’t big enough to keep me busy cleaning all day, so  I figured why not stop wasting my free time going back and forth between the same two apps and do something fun and different. Last month I started planning a trip to Marfa, Texas. I was doing some research and stumbled upon a vlog on YouTube by someone who had visited this tiny desert town last year. I LOVED the vlog as well as all her other posts {I became a little obsessed with her, not going to lie} and for whatever reason I thought “Hey, that’s super cool that she records her adventures and shares them with people. I want to do the same” So here I am! Granted, she has thousandsssss of YouTube subscribers {I have 17} but hey, at least Alexa will have some cool little videos edited by her amateur mom to look back on to remember all the fun things we did.