DIY | Hanging Planter

Here's a little colorful DIY for all you awesome people with a green thumb...or black thumb...or a color in between. Below I'll show you how to make a macramé inspired hanging planter. The wonderful thing about these is that there is no certain or specific way that they should look. At some point I want to take the… Continue reading DIY | Hanging Planter


DIY | Cinder Block Planter

Below i will show you how to make a cinder block succulent planter. With $80 and a days work you can have a unique beautiful colorful addition to your home. Supplies: 16 X 8 ($1.50 each) and 8 X 8 (1.25 each) cinder blocks (quantity will depend on how big you want your planter to be), variety of succulents ($2.50-$6… Continue reading DIY | Cinder Block Planter